Three New Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends

Courtesy of Brandpoint

With over 140 years of designing kitchen and bathroom products, Kohler Kitchen & Bath tapped into a large brain trust of designers and product experts to identify some leading kitchen and bath design trends for 2017.

All in the mix. Patterns play a big role in how large a room appears and what features are accented or emphasized. Don’t be afraid of blending—or mixing—patterns. When done right, this can create a vibrant, energetic space that does more for your room than if you were to play it safe.

Keep it neutral. If you’re looking for fun, vibrant colors but aren’t ready to go all in, consider neutral shades such as icy blue, blush sand, and other straight from nature shades. These are a lot more refreshing than the standard beige. Such transparent neutrals beautifully diffuse light and lend themselves to contrasting elements.

A softer white. A traditional color for bathrooms and kitchens, white gives off a clean, bright aura. Nonetheless, the look can be a bit clinical. One way around this problem is to warm up the whites with brass, gold, or bronze tones. Subtle touches on the cabinets or backsplash can create a warm ambiance that softens the look of an all-white space.

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