Saratoga Eats is a food truck adventure, brought twice a year to Intero Real Estate Services Saratoga, to benefit the Intero Foundation. This event is for the whole family, in addition to bringing delicious Bay Area food trucks together, Saratoga Eats features music, a wine and beer booth for the adults, and face-painting and balloon animal tying for the children.

Kim has been putting on this event for the past five years, and have been able to donate thousands of dollars to the Intero Foundation every year.

We are so excited to announce KFOX! The South Bay’s Classic rock station 98.5 and their afternnon DJ Tim Jeffries will be here from 3:00pm – 7:00pm broadcasting live from Intero Saratoga parking lot ! The KFOX street team will be here from 5:00 pm -9:00 pm , so be sure to check out the KFOX tent for prizes, giveaways, and some rockin tunes!

Here is what we have in store for June 16:

Food Truck Lineup

Balloon Twisting and Facepainting

The brand of entertainment you’ve grown to love has just gotten bigger! We proudly present A NEW TWiST Face Painting! they’ve put the same amount of creativity in creating a new line of fun Face Painting Art and always the life of the party! They also bring so much more than the typical animal balloon creation, they pride ourselves on pushing the envelope and creating fun filled balloon creations for all ages to love.

Santa Clara Valley Chapter Model A Ford Club of America

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Hear how Kim came up with the idea for Saratoga Eats:

“After the success of the Sam’s Chowder Mobile events, I thought about growing this concept in a much larger way.  Movable Feasts seemed get crowds of people wherever the setup.  I thought, what about hosting an event on a weekend and inviting 8 trucks line up and invite the community to come in and mingle.  So in June of 2013 Saratoga Eats came to life.

Having people hang out and have a great time was the goal while raising money for the Intero Foundation.  Seating for 300 with canopies to provide shade, 8 Trucks, 1 DJ and Beer and Wine being sold.  I advertised the heck out of the event in local papers and with mailings and I was not sure how many people would show up.

All I can say is Wow! – I was so pleased to have over 800 people drop by, order food and hang out.  Each of the trucks donated 10% of their sales for the event, I matched that in addition to underwriting the beer and wine so all the beverage sales went directly to the Intero Foundation.  Since the inception of the inaugural Saratoga Eats, we have had 2 events each summer.

August of 2016 was our largest turn out ever.  12 Trucks with food sales totaling over $21,000, Face painting, Balloon twisting, dancing – Our estimate was over 1,200 people over the course of 4 hours – WOW.”

Next summer, we’ve got two Saratoga Eats events coming up. Make sure to check our Facebook page for updates on Saratoga Eats throughout the year!

Check out some photos of the fun and food we’ve had at previous Saratoga Eats events!