Kim is passionate about philanthropy, and enjoys supporting local and international organizations all year long.

She enjoys putting on events like Saratoga Eats and A Mobile Seafood Adventure Featuring Sam’s ChowderMobile, which benefit the Intero Foundation every summer.

Additionally, Kim participates in Shop With A Cop of Silicon Valley, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide innovative academic motivation, charitable relief and assistance to at-risk, disenfranchised children in need. This year, she participated in Operation Backpack – helping distribute 400 backpacks to the kids at Santee Elementary School.

Making a difference in the lives of others, matters.  Seeing how helping hands come full circle…now that is what I am talking about!!!

We love getting feedback, like this comment from Bay Area Resident, Ruth:

“As the youngest of 6 children in a first generation Mexican house hold, being raised by a single mother and  growing up in West San Jose I remember not having much but I was always remember receiving food from the food banks, support from an organization called “Next Door” ( for women & children dealing with domestic violence), and other organizations that gave away used clothes/ brand new school supplies. Those days that I received the clothes and school supplies that were donated to me and my family always felt like Christmas. So to participate in this cause was truly a full circle experience for me. This was an awesome reminder of how lucky I was and how far my family and I have come. I know all the families old and young will appreciate your hard work and your dedication to helping keep them warm, take it from someone who has experienced it first-hand you’re doing great work here, keep it up Kim!!”