Introducing the Intero Prestigio Virtual Magazine

A Virtual Magazine Featuring Intero’s Premier Properties

What do you get when you combine the innovative, tech savvy power of Intero with the division of the company specializing in high-end real estate, Intero Prestigio? Nothing other than a virtual magazine featuring its multi-million dollar properties. Now, we proudly announce the release of the premier issue of the Intero Prestigio Virtual Magazine.

The magazine offers enhanced and global promotion for Intero’s most exclusive homes and estates. Designed with ease of circulation in mind, you can instantly share it in your emails or attach a link to it in your email signature. You can also post or share it on your Facebook or tweet it. Ultimately, the magazine is an opportunity for you to network with those in your sphere of influence. For you as an agent, it shows that you can offer this higher level of marketing for luxury listings. For your luxury buyers, it elegantly displays available high-end properties.

In the magazine itself, online viewers can browse through gorgeous pictures and find the property information of the unique homes featured as if reading a handheld magazine. The virtual magazine aims to exhibit their finest qualities––and it is only one aspect of the Prestigio marketing program. The magazine will be released quarterly as part of the marketing strategy available to Prestigio properties. Share it and in doing so, use it as your next way to connect!

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