Our Mission

“To positively impact the growth and well being of children in the communities in which we work by supporting organizations focused on assisting in their education and personal development.”


The Intero Foundation is a non–profit organization founded in 2002 that has raised more than $3 million to benefit children living in the communities we serve.

When Intero Real Estate Services was founded, its founders set out to create a company that was different. That difference would be based on values. One of those values is Commitment.

The Intero Foundation is our vehicle for expressing a meaningful and sustained commitment to our community.

To date, the Intero Foundation has lent its support to over 130 local charities – organizations that range in size and mission, but all work to positively impact the growth and well being of children by enhancing their education and personal development.

The Intero Foundation is funded, promoted and governed by Intero agents – each of whom are vested in the health of the communities in which they work and live. A Board of Directors, led by some Intero’s top executives, provide strategic guidance. All members of the Intero community – executives, staff and agents – donate their time to further the Foundation’s mission.

We have become a large organization, but not too large to remember that we are part of something still larger: a community to which we must give in order to receive.


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