Intero Foundation Supports the Sub-Acute Children’s Hospital

People ask me why I am such a strong supporter of the Intero Foundation — well, let me tell you why! Today I had the privilege to visit the Sub-Acute Children’s Hospital in Saratoga and witnessed the amazing spirit of both the patients and staff participate with the people of the Bawsi Rollers It was a wonderful experience. Myself, along with Mark Jongsma​ and Yuan Chang from my office volunteered this afternoon for 1 hour.

There were 9 children with all different physical challenges. Our role was to help them participate in some outdoor recreational games. We were their arms and legs if needed and we were their cheerleaders. Their competitive spirits were amazing and the joy they brought through their smiles was overwhelming. It was truly a blessing to witness. They have submitted a grant application to the Intero Foundation this year. I was honored to see them in motion. There are so many wonderful people around doing great things to make our community a better place for children. Today — an hour well spent — my heart touched in every possible way. Humanity at work in the simplest way.

Thank you Bawsi Rollers for all your great work and Thank you Intero Foundation…for all the support you give to so many organizations.