If You Build It….

Everyone has some kind of niche to fill. You identify your talent, your purpose, or whatever the case may be, and you take that talent or that purpose where it belongs….where it is needed…where it will be harmoniously welcomed, utilized, and enjoyed. The same goes for businesses aiming to move into our neighborhoods. It’s a simple law of economics.

It looks like Whole Foods, a household name with an ever-growing following, is bringing its wonderland of high quality natural and organic foods to Santa Clara, along with its upscale prices. (Really, who hasn’t heard it jokingly referred to as Whole Paycheck?) Is Whole Foods filling a void in Santa Clara? Not only does Whole Foods bring grocery quality to a whole new level, it is a hot spot for quick meals to-go and easy, healthy lunch breaks. What do you think? Are you excited about a new Whole Foods coming to a neighborhood near you? Or are you ever faithful to your current neighborhood grocery store? Check out this great article from Silicon Valley Business Journal to learn more about what’s coming to Highway 101 and Bowers.