How to Stage Your Home’s Closets and Storage Spaces

Home staging is simply the process of making your home appear comfortably livable. Just as you dress for success at work, your home should present itself beautifully to potential buyers. This presentation means making sure buyers can visualize themselves living in your home. Effective home staging touches everything from the mailbox to the linen closet.

How to Stage Your Closets
The principles behind closet staging apply to bedroom closets, coat closets, pantries, and storage closets.

Keep the closet visually appealing.
Keep the closet organized.
Keep the closet only one-third full.

First, make sure that your closets are painted a warm neutral color, such as taupe. A warm color is inviting, and a neutral color won’t compete with the colors of your clothes or other items.

Next, prepare a place to store your extra items. As you clean and categorize your closets, begin packing two-thirds of your closets’ contents. Renting a storage unit is a good investment, and the pre-packing simplifies the move after your home sells.

How to Stage a Clothes Closet
Clothes should be organized by first category, then by color. For example, begin with shells and tanks. Next, group together short sleeved shirts, and continue categorizing in this manner.

Once the closet is categorized, group each category by colors, beginning with the lightest and progressing to the darkest. Categorizing and arranging by color is how clothing stores are organized because the display keeps the eye moving. Remember to pack up excess so that you only fill one-third of your available space.

Remove everything from the floor. Empty floors send the message that this is a spacious closet. Shoes and handbags should be in nice boxes located on shelving. Remember the one-third rule, and keep lots of empty space between the ceiling and the shelf.

Hang belts and ties on appropriate racks. Half a dozen belts looped around a hanger look messy. Remember, if your closet is organized, buyers will imagine that they, too, will be organized when they own such a spacious closet.

How to Stage a Pantry or Storage Closet
The same principles you used in the bedroom, organizing by categories and colors, also apply to pantries and storage closets. Using baskets and clear plastic boxes to store items that are not easily stackable is an attractive and efficient way to manage clutter as well. Remember, the one-third rule. Openness is extremely important in these spaces.

How to Stage a Linen Closet
Think about how department stores display sheets and towels. Each towel is folded into thirds so that no edge is ragged. The rounded side of the folded towel faces out, effectively hiding all inconsistencies. Once again, the towels are sorted by color. Don’t forget the one-third rule, and pack up excess linens.

If you don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet so that it looks like it did when it was in the package, check out some tutorials on YouTube. Learning this skill will make all the difference in your linen closet’s appearance. Again, make sure rounded sides face out and ragged edges are hidden.

Staging your home helps it to sell quickly. Organized and inviting closets are just the blank slate buyers need to imagine how they might fit into your home. So start organizing today. Your home is on its way to becoming the most livable one in the neighborhood.