Five Storage Fixes for Your Home


Learning to use space more effectively can make your house roomier. These tips should help you clear the clutter by finding new, creative spaces for storage.

1.Folding Chairs and Tables

Folding tables free up space when they’re not in use. Built in folding tables are easy to install. Folding chairs can also save on space if you need extra chairs only for occasional events; some are designed so you can hang them on the wall when not in use.

2. Behind the Door

Don’t forget to use the back of cupboard doors. In the kitchen you can add spice racks, hooks, or racks for pot lids. Awkward things like vacuum cleaner attachments can be clipped onto the back of closet doors to keep them tidy.

3. Wall Hooks

Hooks in the hall are good for hanging up coats and umbrellas; hooks in the kitchen can hold bugs, cooking equipment, and tea towels. But you an be much more creative than that; hang a musical instrument, such as a guitar, on the wall to keep it our of the way and provide decoration at the same time. Beautifully and efficiently organize necklaces on hooks in your bedroom.

4. Storage on Wheels

Storage on wheels can be easily moved or pushed away under a table when it isn’t needed. It’s much easier to wheel out a chest of drawers when children want to play than to drag a trunk full of toys around the house.

5. Under the Stairs

To make better use of the wasted space under the stairs, fit it with shelves or open it up to create a deep bookcase. More work is required to open up the void under the stairs and fill it with drawers or shelves, but the investment can be worthwhile because you’ll get a design highlight and additional storage.

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