Creating Home: A Labor of Love

Creating a sense of home is my passion. It was truly an honor and privilege to work with my client, start to finish, on the project at 15888 Cuvilly Way in Saratoga. When we purchased the lot and the building plan, I was confident that we would be creating a spectacular home for a wonderful family. It was, without a doubt, a labor of love. From making design changes, to consulting on selection of finishes and hues for the walls, floors and doors, to deciding how to furnish the home to get it ready for the market, it all had to be perfect. This is such a stately house – the luminous quality of the home had to captivate buyers from the outside in. I believe we accomplished just that. Once decorated, photographed and filmed, 15888 Cuvilly Way enchanted buyers. I am confident that the new homeowners will enjoy many, many years here!

15888 Cuvilly Way