A Third Successful Mobile Sea Food Adventure

What do you get when you mix a beautiful spring day, table and chairs and bring one amazing food truck to Intero Saratoga all 20130424-0001in the name of raising funds for the Intero Foundation?  A Third Successful Mobile Sea Food Adventure!

Let’s take a step back and start at the beginning.  It all started a year ago in an attempt to find a creative way to raise awareness of the incredible work of the Intero Foundation and its efforts to bring the community together and help needy children.  I thought that it would be fun to have Sam’s Chowder Mobile and their scrumptious food and invite the community to come and have lunch in the name of the Foundation; then I would donate an amount to the Foundation equal to the food sales brought in that day.  It would have been easy to just write a check, but what I have found is that people love to participate in charitable causes and if they get a little something in return.  And I thought I could make it happen.

So flash forward to April 24th 2013…a brilliantly beautiful spring day…with a banner on the corner advertising the festivities…Canopies, table and chairs in place…Sam’s Chowder Mobile rolled into the parking lot of Intero Saratoga and set up shop.  Within 20 minutes there was already a line.  Intero agents, their families and friends, members of the community and the diehard Chowder Mobile followers stood in line and ordered up, sat down and ate or took it to go.  At the end of the 3 1/2 hours…150 meals and $3,500 worth of food and beverages were purchased.

It does not get any better than this, I thought…how could you consider this anything less than a success?  The Intero Foundation does such amazing things for children in our community. You never know how much it means when people come together to benefit those in need.  Children are the future…we owe them a chance.  And that, I believe, is at the heart of the Intero Foundation.

Don’t worry…if you missed out on the chance to enjoy or want to come back again, Sam’s Chowder Mobile’s yummy food will be back in the Fall of 2013!


Kim Connor