3 Pieces of Crucial Advice from Buyer to Seller

Sellers often get caught up in their own real estate bubble without thinking about the two way street, which includes the potential buyers. Because there is rarely a face-to-face connection between buyers and sellers, it can be easy for sellers to drop the ball when it comes to going above and beyond to make their home attractive to a wide range of potential homeowners.

Here are 3 things that buyers wish sellers understood:

1. If you overprice the value of your home, you’ve lost before you even got started.  Listing your home at an unreasonably high price is likely going to send potential buyers elsewhere. Trying to convince sellers to lower their extravagantly priced home is tedious and not worth it to most buyers. They will simply take their business to another seller who has done their real estate homework. That, or they will wait for you to lower the price before they even step in the door. A tip to the wise: be proud of your home, but know the market and price it at it’s true value.

2. This is 2013. Why can’t I take a virtual tour of your home? It’s likely that I learned about your home online and it’s also likely that I can’t take a virtual tour. Why? The seller’s experience could be a whole lot easier if they paid attention to the minute details that make all the difference for buyers. Being able to take a sneak peak online is immensely helpful to buyers to weed out homes that do not fit their needs. This process is mutually beneficial to sellers, who do not have to waste time showing houses to people that find out they are uninterested after the in person tour.

3. STAGING, STAGING, STAGING! Nothing is worse than walking into a home that looks as if the homeowner’s rushed out the door 10 minutes prior to you arriving. Professional staging is often underestimated by a lot of sellers who think their home is fine “as-is.” Truth be told, leaving your home the way it is currently decorated is probably not going to appeal to the masses. Buyers are not only taking note of the other staged homes in your neighborhood, they discover a wealth knowledge on channels like HGTV or the Internet. Facts show that professionally staged homes sell quicker, so it is important to think “big picture” and understand that if you can afford it, you are much better off.


There are many agents who provide these services to take the stress off of sellers. Take Kim Connor for example, the #1 realtor at Intero Real Estate, Saratoga. Not only does she provide professional online videos of her featured listings, she has a warehouse full of staging resources for any home. Much of Kim’s success is a result of her hard work and excellent service, but also the resources that she provides are above and beyond your average realtor.