2017 Hot Home Decorating Trends

Are you planning to redecorate in 2017? Whether you’re completely redoing your home or just exchanging a few old items for something fresh, you’ll love these hot trends that will make your home-sweet-home that much better in 2017.

Fields of Green – Green is the go-to color of 2017, and every shade is a winner. Cheerful, bright green will be showing up as a splash of natural fun in living areas and kitchens, while forest green will be popular in bedrooms. You’ll also see yellow-green accents used throughout homes.

In the Navy – Black was once the trendy color for a sophisticated background, but that honor has shifted to navy blue. Navy is not quite as intense as black, and it pairs well with trendy greens and cool blues.

Jewel Tones – Color makes a regal statement in 2017. Look for a lot of jewel tones, especially in the bedroom. Emerald green, royal purple, sapphire blue, and garnet will all make an appearance.

Mixed Patterns – Décor will be more eye catching this year than in recent times. Fabric pieces, from throw pillows to comforters to sofas, will be made in mixed prints. Small florals will be paired with large, and you’ll see stripes and polka dots thrown in as well.

Matte-Finish Appliances – This year, decorators are trading those industrial appliances for something a little more subtle. Refrigerators, dishwashers, and other large appliances can still be silver but with a muted matte finish rather than a high-gloss shine.

Copper – Beautiful copper is making a comeback anywhere you would typically see decorative metal. Copper furniture is warm, inviting and stylish. Copper bathroom and kitchen fixtures give a warm, cozy vibe to farmhouse kitchens and simple spaces.

Subway Tiles – Subway-style tiles were once considered a boring choice, but they are now being used as a backdrop in all kinds of projects. This year, you’ll see clean-looking subway tiles on the backsplashes of modern kitchens and in otherwise minimalist bathrooms, adding texture and personality.

Cork – Look for this underused material to make a big splash in 2017. You’ll see walls of cork in the kitchen and in home offices. It’s perfect as an idea board or for hanging family photos, and its understated look offers a sense of simplicity and fun. Cork is even being used in flooring and furniture.

Vanities from Repurposed Furniture – Bathroom vanities are getting creative. This year’s home project is turning an old dresser into a vanity for the bathroom by adding plumbing and cutting a hole for a sink. A bowl sink sitting on top is also pretty, especially in a small bathroom or powder room.

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